Wk 2 – Classmate Interview – Joe


I met my classmate Joe when our Art 110 class went to the Galleries for the first time last Thursday. We both were standing awkwardly near the Werby Gallery, until he took the initiative and asked me if I wanted to do the classmate interview with him.

We walked around and look at the displayed paintings and sculptures. As we walked, we talked about art, since there wasn’t much else to talk about. I discovered that Joe is a 4th year with management major. Joe is not an arts person. He can appreciate it, but he’d very much rather spend his time playing or watching sports. He loves to drink, fish, hike, and hang out with family and friends. He also has taken a keen interest in landscaping, which involves tending to gardens.

I don’t know why, but Joe came across as a very mature person. It might be because his interests are not dissimilar to that of an old, white guy’s. I could not imagine myself taking the time to do the things that he liked to do, since we have very different interests, but I can imagine Joe sitting in his boat in some lake far away, fishing rod in hand, the sun on his back, beads of sweat coming down his face, and enjoying every minute that passes by. Even though Joe is not an arts guy, what he engages himself in could very much be art.


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