Wk 3 – Classmate Interview – Alexx Dunk


This week I met my fellow classmate Alexx Dunk. She totally took the initiative in asking me if I wanted to do the classmate interview with her. I was taken aback. She also has the coolest name. It sounds like it belongs in a TV show.

Alexx is a 4th year. She wants to go to dental school in the future. That sounds like a pretty stable job. We’re always gonna need dentists. She seemed pretty dead set on doing this, and I was a little jealous she could be so sure about what she wants to do. Good luck to her though. I mean it.

Alexx likes to paint and draw occasionally. She mainly uses acrylic. She mentioned her paintings were pretty graphic and brutal. They always had guts and stuff in them. That reminds me of a phase I had when I couldn’t stop drawing stuff like that. I was pretty depressed at the time. She also said that, like me, she used to go to an art studio. She stopped going because they kept on using incense, which made her faint a lot. That’s really weird. That reminds me of when fortune tellers or sorcerers would use incense to get in the mood, if you know what I mean.

Alexx also likes to board. Doesn’t matter what kind of board. Snowboard, skateboard. Surfboard? Probably. She broke both arms twice when boarding. I only broke my arm once. It was a miserable and uncomfortable experience, one that I hope to never experience again. She has a job as a server, so that must have been a pain.


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