Wk 4 – Classmate Interview – Joseph Lee


As usual, I came to class late, again. Also as usual, I hung about awkwardly, waiting for someone to do the classmate conversation with me, again. And as usual, someone did come to me and ask if I wanted to do the conversation with him.

This week I met fellow classmate Joseph Lee.He said he was, like me, taking the class to get the GE credit. I don’t think he cared much for art. He has a kinesiology major. I’ve been seeing more of those recently. He would like to start his own gym, which is pretty cool. I’ve also been seeing more of that as well.

As it turns out, me and him have a lot in common. For one, we are both Korean. Big shocker right? But I’m not talking any Korean. We’re both Orange County Korean. We have similar acquaintances and similar backgrounds. For example, I told him I’m from Fullerton. He correctly guessed which high school and which church I went to, much to my surprise. It was nice meeting someone else who knows the way of the Korean OC church culture. That was probably why I felt comfortable talking to him from the start. He must have given off that vibe. I thought that was kind of weird at first. I usually don’t get along too well with people of the same nationality. I’m more comfortable with Hispanics. Maybe this is a sign that I’m finally getting used to being Korean again.


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