Wk 4 – Artist Interview – Amanda

Thursday was a pretty drab day. I was feeling particularly empty and devoid of emotion as I wandered into gatov east. A painting to the left caught my eye. It was an oil painting that had a bunch of bubbles on it! Although I didnt really get what was going on, I appreciated the colorful painting because it was just what I needed to brighten up my run-of-the mill Thursday.

I met the artist just outside the building. Her name was Amanda Albarran. I asked her how her day was. She said it was going well, its just that I’m pretty hungry and Ive got my lunch right here but I want to heat it up. She mostly uses oil for her paintings. I could never use oil or acryllic or anything like that. Watercolor is my game. She was surprised. She found watercolor to be harder than oil because when you paint with oil, its easy to go over mistakes. Watercolor sets into the paper and you cant do anything about it. Well, I suppose thats true.

She asked if I had gone to an art studio before. I have. Why did you stop? Well, its just too darn expensive. Yes, yes it is.

She mentioned that as soon as the showcase was over, she would add more to her painting. Its at times like these when I wish I had continued painting.



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