Wk 5 – Artist Interview – Dianna Franco


This week, at the art galleries, I took a special interest in Dianna Franco’s paintings, called Flux. According to her, they were based on the constant battle between civilization and nature, and were explored by the use of color. I found that to be fascinating. I mean, the theme of civilization in a never-ending clash with nature isn’t one that hasn’t been explored before, but this was the first time that I saw it being conveyed through the simple use of color. And that was very refreshing to see.

I later found out that not only is it about civilization vs. nature, but it’s also about the relationships between civilization and nature found from the micro to macro levels in psychology and science! I have no idea what the micro and macro levels in psychology and science are, but I think it means it’s about the clash between nature and civilization as how we humans perceive it. I usually don’t expect any art to come out of science and all that.

It was suggested that in some paintings, the lining seemed to resemble the inner linings of the heart and the brain. Dianna Franco confirmed this. She explains how she is fascinated by how the heart and the brain have inner parts that are separate, but contribute to the functioning of the organ as a whole.This was all very interesting, but one thing that troubled me was the fact that I only took this interest in her paintings when I learned about the underlying messages that Dianna wished to convey through these artworks. Before I learned about this, I only paid attention to the aesthetics of the paintings. I probably lack the ability to think deeply about these things.


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