Wk 5 – Activity – Kickstarter

I am not very familiar with Kickstarter. From what I gather, it appears to be a website where you can give funds and contribute to certain projects you like. I’ve seen advertisements on Youtube and the like, but this is my first time really exploring the website.

For the first topic, I decided to see the projects related to music. The one that I support is a project by Amy Wallace. She’s an opera singer and she wants to release her album so that opera can go back into the mainstream. I think it would be awesome if that happened. My mom is also an opera singer, and because of her I’m hooked on the classical singing style. There’s definitely room for improvement in her voice, so I’m interested where this is going to go.


The one that I don’t really care for is a $99 orchestra. Basically, you send your songs/arrangements to them, they record it in an orchestra, and send back to you the recording. It’s a good concept, and like they said it would be good for music students and the like, but I can’t help but think there will be a lot of problems with this. For one, if this really does take off, won’t there be a lot of people sending them songs? Maybe people who have no business composing music. There may be so many songs sent that the people who sent them won’t receive them back in time.


The next topic I took a gander at was comics. 321: Fast Comics seemed pretty popular. From what I see, backers will receive a book filled with 3 page comics, with 2 characters and 1 twist ending. That’s pretty interesting. And the art looks really good. If I were still crazy about comics, I would totally send money for this.


One that was kind of obscure was this guy named Antoan Lee who’s making a “manga” called Illdust. The art reminds me of the old school art back in the 1990s. You can tell it’s by an amateur. Also, the premise is okay, but not enough is said about the story. Maybe if he showed some more pages, described the characters more… everything seems pretty bare-bones right now. I dunno, I feel like he should give some more details before asking people to back him.



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