Wk 6 – Classmate Interview – Zhen


I met an interesting person this week. His name is Zhen, which is a very cool name. Didn’t catch his last name. It might have been hard to spell anyway. I was wandering around the galleries, when the artists were already packing up their paintings and sculptures. Zhen comes out of nowhere and he asks me to interview him.

Zhen is a sophomore from China. Other than that, we’re pretty similar. He’s a pre-film major, like me, and he took an interest in film through theater. That’s awesome. I got his contact info in case we need help on our future projects or whatever.

We talked about film, what our favorite movies were, etc. He mentioned some movies I had never heard before. I brought up the topic of religion. He said his family was Buddhist, and that he believed in God, and Heaven, and Hell. He had taken a RST class last semester, and learned about other religions around the world. I talked to him about Christianity. He seemed interested, and asked me about Jesus Christ. His English was limited, so it took him a couple of minutes to say what he wanted to say.

Rick is a cool guy. He reminds of Rick, a Japanese dude I met last semester. They’re both pretty similar to each other.


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