Wk 6 – Activity – Yarn Bombing

This week, we got to play with some fibers. But we also got to look around in the FA2 building, which I really appreciated. It reminds me of my old art classroom from high school. It smelled of paint and other chemical stuff, but the atmosphere was pretty relaxed, although the students were working pretty intensely on their projects. The teacher let us walk around even though she was teaching.

I eventually got to the yarn/fibers section, which was pretty cool. There were a bunch of machines that you use for knitting, which were cool to look at.


As for the yarn bombing itself, it was okay. Not as fun as graffiti writing, in my opinion. I think it’s something that you need a of patience for. It could also be something that you do to unwind and cool off. I found some cloth strips in my house that I tied around this tree.


I thought graffiti writing was a lot better. Not sure because I’m a man. I think there are a lot of men who enjoy knitting. While growing up, a lot of us watched TV, which usually portrayed the kindly old grandma always knitting and darning. I think that’s where we got our stereotypes from. Painting and fiber can both be considered as art. Both can be craft.


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