Wk 7 – Activity – Portrait Photography


For this week, we take a picture of ourselves in our imagined deaths. I imagined myself dying with arms flung out from my body, in a sort of undignified position. You know when you’re really tired and finally take a nap, and your body just does what it wants because it’s so comfortable? Kind of like that. You can’t see the rest of my body, because I was using a selfie stick.

People may consider me to be a very religious person. When I die, it will be the greatest moment of my life. The moment of my death will be my liberation from this world, and I will enter another world. That’s the reason for my pose. I will be so relieved to die that I won’t care how dignified my death is.

I tried to have some light be at the bottom of the picture, to symbolize my salvation. The black and white filter symbolizes how, in the end of all things, nothing else will really matter.


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