Wk 7 – Artist Interview – Clare Samani


When I arrived to the Galleries, I thought everyone had left. There were some artists wrapping up their things, but it didn’t seem like I could talk to anyone. Dispirited, I turned to leave the Dutzi gallery. Luckily, Clare entered the room, and seeing me, asked if I wanted to interview her. After giving thanks to God, I gladly accepted her offer.

I asked her if all these works were her’s. She laughed and said only one. She explained all these drawings came from her printmaking class. Only senior classes let one person show their stuff in the galleries. As for her drawing, it wasn’t bad. I appreciated the sheer simplicity of it. It’s a girl standing on top of some rocks that look like they’re about to fall. I also like the way she shaded the rocks, with their hexagonal pattern.

I should have looked at the room I was in more, because I had not realized Dutzi gallery had to do with printmaking! I thought every painting was done with a certain medium, because they didn’t look like they came from prints at all. Clare’s print looked as if it had been done with pencil. I didn’t catch everything she said, but she mentioned drawing her work on a “rock” and then pushing that onto the paper. It totally blew my mind. That’s pretty convenient, so you don’t have to draw the same work over and over again. That’s kind of the same as when they were inventing the movable type waaaaayyy back.


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