Wk 7 – Classmate Interview – Soojin Kim


Today, I met another fellow Korean. To tell the truth, I wasn’t expecting to interview a classmate. I arrived later than usual, and a lot of people had left. Just as I was thinking how screwed I was, some guy comes up and says his friend needs to interview someone. That was an awkward set-up, but things got going okay.

Soojin is a freshman like me. She doesn’t look like one. I thought she was a junior at first. Unlike me, she hadn’t been here her whole life. She came from Korea when she was in second grade. So she’s pretty fluent in Korean, which I’m jealous of her for. I really wish I knew my native language well. I musn’t be so hard on myself for that. I was born and raised in California, so it’s not super mandatory that I know the ins and outs of Korean.

She’s done some swimming and water polo. In high school. I did football in high school, and we both agree that they’re pretty intense sports. We’ve been forced to practice in the rain, but she’s practiced in hail. Isn’t that illegal? I mean, my high school even cancelled practice when it was more than a hundred degrees. I suppose it wouldn’t matter for them, since they’re in the water.

Last thing we talked about was where we lived. She lives in Cerritos, where the saturation of Asians isn’t bad. Where I live, in Fullerton, there are Koreans in almost every corner.


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