Wk 8 – Activity – Remix Culture

For my activity, I chose to mash up three songs from my favorite artist, downhere, a Christian rock group. I cut and spliced together sections from each song, starting with Raincoat, Bleed for this Love, and Last Night’s Daydream. I chose these three songs because they’re all in the same key (key of C), so they wouldn’t sound terrible when heard together. With this, I tried to recreate the experience one has when “converting” to Christianity. The first section from Raincoat illustrates a person’s need for a Savior. Bleed for This Love demonstrates God coming down on this person and saving him. Last Night’s Daydream shows the person’s reaction to what God did. The whole thing ends by going back to Raincoat with the lyrics, “Now I walk down in the downpour, and he’s my raincoat.” I think I did a pretty good job.

I chose the Attribution – NonCommercial – ShareAlike license. I tried to choose the least restrictive license. I’m don’t mind if other people use my “work” for their own thing or whatever (I don’t think anyone will anyway). As long as no one uses downhere’s songs for their own profit, I’m happy. That’s one of the problems with copyright these days, I think. It’s fine as it is right now. There are some people who find ways to get around copyright, and there will probably always be. If it’s anymore restrictive, though, I think it will affect those people who only want to use works for creative reasons, not for profit. The Internet is still this humongous thing that we don’t really have full control over. As long as people have computers and genius minds, they are free to go the distance and do anything they want. And that’s both cool and scary. Mostly scary.


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