Wk 9 – Artist Interview – Michael Rollins


This week I headed for the gatov east galleries. There were some crazy looking paintings there. A bunch of lines and brush strokes zigzagging across the canvas. The guy said he spent as much as five hours on one. Sounds crazy to me. How could something like this take five hours? Well. he’ll work on three paintings at the same time, so there ya go.

Michael likes to take it to the next level with his paintings and go all free form on the canvas. Sometimes you just gotta get loose you know? Sometimes he’ll use thicker paint on one spot, sometimes he’ll deliberately use lumpy, chunky paint on another. There’s no particular theme or message he’s trying to get across (I think). He just paints because he likes to paint, I guess. That’s a relief. To be frank, I’ve been getting tired of all this metaphorical, symbolic, abstract mumbo jumbo. He actually believes that’s one of the reasons why people keep coming back to painting. We don’t really need it, since we’ve got technology, but for some reason humans keep coming back to it. That’s pretty interesting.


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