Wk 9 – Classmate Interview – Matt Cruz


I got to the galleries early for once, and had trouble finding someone to talk to (wouldn’t you know it?). You have a miserable time looking around, looking for who looks lonely. Most people gravitate towards the people who don’t look busy talking it up with some other person. This is why social people show up early, loners show up late. Fortunately, I met this dude, Matt Cruz. This guy’s last name sounds Hispanic, but he’s actually Filipino. I was confused, because he looked Asian, but his last name…. nevermind.

We spent the whole time at gatov east trying to get our crap together while trying to get our crap together for the artist interview. Guess you could say we had a craptastic time hyuk hyuk hyuk hyuk. It wasn’t that bad. If anything, it was Matt that needed to get his crap together. He told me had missed the first couple of times we went to the galleries, so he was malnourished in the points department. Lessgo bro! Semeter’s almost over!

It was a natural conversation, so I liked it. Matt is a civil engineering major, and is self conscious about his age. I guessed that he looked 20, but he’s actually 25, a senior. He didn’t do too well the first couple of years, so he’s determined to get his crap together. He also plays a lot of games. He’s not too crazy about art. I haven’t met a single person so far who is.

Matt likes to hang out and drink with friends. He has a lot of Korean friends from Koreatown. According to him, his Korean friends are either stressed out about getting their crap together, or not at all about getting their crap together. Koreatown Koreans live in a giant bubble. They live and die there. I guess cause they’re all first gen Koreans from the motherland, and they’re scared of moving out. That’s understandable. My people were always on the conservative side.

Matt’s a cool dude. Hope to see him again.


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