Wk 9 – Activity – Architecture and Urban Planning


For my activity I chose the University Student Union cause it’s my favorite building on the campus. It’s such a chill place.


Most people, like myself, seem to only use the USU as a place to socialize, relax, and play around. There are, of course, people like myself who are involved in club activities/meetings and use the rooms to congregate. For that, it’s pretty useful. Also, a lot of people buy food there. Taylor Montgomery, a friend of mine, says the food selection is A+. If you count fast food as part of the A+ variety, then I guess you’ll love this place. People who notice the little things in the USU appreciate how the artwork displayed on the walls change from time to time.

Apparently, before the USU was all fancy like it is right now, it used to be a lot less so. 4-5 years ago (?), before it was renovated, all the students voted to have the building restored. All those people who went around campaigning for another renovation of the USU told us we owe it all to them. Their reason for wanting to make it more fancy was that just as they had done this service to us, we should do it for the future students. That’s wonderful. But we all realized the tuition would jump up another $1000 or so. And that’s not worth it.


In order to improve the parking on the campus, I say, instead of having big, huge parking lots (such as Lot 14) on the other side of the campus where all the majority of our classes are, we should have small parking lots placed strategically close to our classes, so it wouldn’t take a million years to walk from where we park to where our classes are. That would place a lot less stress on our knees.


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