Wk 10 – Classmate Interview – Kevin Nguyen

This week, I met this chill skater sophomore dude, Kevin Nguyen.


We didn’t talk a whole lot. He seemed to be in a bit of a hurry. His eyes kept flicking towards the galleries. I guess he was wondering why they wouldn’t open on time.

Kevin commutes from Santa Ana. He says he gets to school in twenty minutes. I’m from Fullerton, and I get to school in thirty on a good day. What the heck?? He lives farther than me, and he reaches Long Beach faster? Shoot, I gotta ask this guy what freeway he takes. Then he told me he has an 8AM class, so he avoids the traffic. Oh….

Kevin mentioned that he tried learning the ukelele a couple of months back. He couldn’t get the rhythm of strumming right, so he gave up learning for now. Shoot, when I started playing guitar, I got strumming down, no problem! I tried seeing it from his point of view, but Kevin is not much of an arts guy. He’s majoring in computer science, the most logical language on earth. He watches a lot of TV shows, though! Mostly anime. Right now, he’s finishing up Hunter X Hunter. He’s also into building and collecting Gundams.


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