Wk 10 – Activity – Student Choice

At first, I wanted to record myself playing a video game and comment over it, but after some thought, I decided that that’s pushing the boundaries of what’s art and what isn’t. So I decided to do something safe and sketch the incredibly humongous backyard of the inn we’re staying at in Utah.


I hadn’t drawn still life nature in a while, so I figured my skills would be a bit rusty, and they obviously were, if you can’t tell from my drawing. My goal was to recreate the scene pictured next to it. Boy, was it hard! The mountains in the background were especially difficult to draw, as were the little bushes that dotted the side of the mountain. Also, at the time I was drawing this, it was growing dark, so I had to do a rush job. If I spent more time on it, I’m pretty sure it would’ve turned out better. I’m reminded of what Plato said about art in Mimesis: “Art is only an imitation of reality.” I suppose much of still-life drawing can be summed up in Plato’s statement. To me, my drawing serves as a testament to my ability to recreate something that I saw was worthy to be recreated on paper.


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