Wk 11 – Classmate Interview – Angelica Palad


This week, I met Angelica Palad near the Gatov-West. She’s a freshman, just like myself. I thought she was a junior! I’ve got to stop making assumptions based on people’s appearances. I could end up offending someone someday.

Angelica is a nutrition major. She learns about dieting and telling people what to eat. I guessed that she wasn’t totally into art, but to my surprise, she told me she really liked it! She’s the first person in a while to tell me that she wasn’t just taking this class to fulfill a GE requirement. She used to play flute a while back. That’s pretty cool.

She dorms at Long Beach because her house is three hours away from school. I asked her if she goes home to visit on weekends, and she told me she doesn’t, since it’s a big waste of gas. Three hours to home plus three hours back to school totals up to six hours driving! I could see why she’s not so keen to visit. I sure hope she’s not too lonely.

To be honest, I don’t remember what else we talked about, since most of the time I was talking about myself, but I remember thoroughly enjoying the conversation we had. Overall, Angelica is a chill person. I hope we could perhaps meet and talk again.


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