Wk 11 – Activity – Sculpture

For this week, we tried something interesting: making sculptures out of plaster mix. This was a first time experience for me, so I was thinking constantly about what could go wrong with this, and how it would go wrong. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that bad.

Because of certain circumstances, I was unable to go to the beach all this weekend, so I decided to make the sculpture in my backyard. I thought the dirt would have the same consistency as sand, since nothing has grown there for a while. Boy, was I wrong! The dirt was hard and unyielding, so I had to work hard with my shovel to make a hole in the ground deep enough for my hand to fit in. I used a lot of water, as you can tell. The ground turned into mud, which made the experience a bit more unpleasant.


When I finally got my desired result, I filled the hole with dirt-turned mud and attempted to make my mark with my hand. The mud was extremely dense; almost putty-like. So my imprint wasn’t very clean, and I had doubts my plaster mix would work well with this, but I had no other choice. I poured it in, waited 30 minutes, and….


As you can see, it looks nothing like a hand, but I’m just glad it actually worked. Overall, this experience was a bit irksome, and I would have had less trouble if I actually used sand, but it worked out okay in the end. Digging out my sculpture was the fun part. I don’t think I’ll be taking plaster seriously anytime soon, but if I have the time to learn more about sculpture making, I think I would try it out.


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