Wk 13 – Artist Interview – Marty Knop

Werby Gallery always seems to deliver the more fascinating art pieces; ones that, to me, stick out amongst the ordinary pencils and acrylics. As I wandered into the gallery, my eyes began to hurt. I thought to myself, Ooh! This is going to be interesting.


The name of the exhibit alone was enough to catch my attention. It’s called Icosikaihenagon. Knop proves, with this exhibition, that data can indeed be a form of art, or at least called a form of art. He explains in his statement: “To program is to make, furthermore, to program is to make a thing that makes things (data).” He goes on to speak of significance of this relationship between his work and math, that it is “similar to how music is transcribed as musical notation; shapes are best described through mathematical notation.” Simply put, Knop uses computers and math to create his art.

He justifies the existence of such a gallery in an interesting way. Knop says that because there are infinite solutions for infinite math problems, it becomes necessary to have a database for these. Regular patterns, such as the checkerboard pattern, are easy to make, and a little on the dull side. Random patterns are much more interesting. Knop has grouped these patterns together as he saw fit, and the resulting work was what our Art 110 class saw on Thursday.

Marty Knop loves math. It always seems like math and art would never go hand in hand with each other. But one day, Knop saw a fashion show that displayed a piece composed of different geometrical shapes. It intrigued him, and it lead him to pursue the aforementioned project. He informed us, “When you know a lot of math, you can turn it into a lot of different things and make new stuff using it as an element.” I definitely see his point.


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