Wk 15 – Classmate Interview – Hunter D.


This week, I met an interesting person at the galleries. His name is Hunter. I forget what his last name is. It definitely started with a D.

We were both gazing at the showings of the Werby gallery when I decided to talk. He told me he had already talked to someone, but he said it would be fine if we went ahead.

He asked me what I wanted to hear. Excuse me? What I want to hear? Yes, do you have any questions for me? Wait, wha… umm, no, not really….?

What are you supposed to say to that? I wonder if other Art 110 people assume a conversation would be a series of awkward back-and-forth questions and answers. Honestly, can no one just have a natural exchange of testimony on how our days are? But I digress. Once we got past that, I asked Hunter what he thought of the animation stuff. Surprisingly, he had a whole lot to say about it. He told me has a lot of respect for animators (of the more traditional type) because they have to draw the same thing except with slight differences each time over and over again. That’s a good point. Thank God we have computers now. But even then it’s still a pretty tedious job.

Around here, we were rather rudely interrupted by some other dude looking for someone to chat up. There he was, notebook and pen in hand. Excuse me, can I interview you? This other guy you’re talking to isn’t holding a notebook and pen, so he must not be interviewing you, right? I mean, I don’t want to tell this guy to sod off. Like me, he was just looking for a guy to talk to. That’s understandable. But can you at least wait until I finish a sentence? I digress.

Unfortunately, Hunter is the kind of guy to ramble on for a while, so I was waiting a long time for this other dude to finish up. He told us when his heart stopped, and had to get a pacemaker inside of him. That was wicked. I thought about asking if he saw anything beyond the barrier of mortality, but he must get asked that a lot, so I decided not to. The other dude didn’t have much to say either.

I took a picture of us with his phone (my phone was dead) and we parted ways. Hunter’s an interesting guy. He seems to have a lot to say in that mind of his.


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