Wk 15 – Artist “Interview” – Jennifer Watanabe

IMG_20150507_111749_235Welp, this is my last week at the galleries (I’ll probably stop by to check them out in the future, though). This last Art 110 assignment ended with something that made me quite excited. Some animation majors gave us the opportunity to view their work. All of them were awesome. Animation is something that I’m very fond of. I suppose this stems from me watching a lot of cartoons in the past, and I’m also thinking of drawing my own animated music video for one of my favorite songs. Jennifer Watanabe’s work became a visualization of what it would look like if I go through with my idea. Unfortunately, I arrived at a time when the artist in question was nowhere in sight. I’ll still talk about her art, though!

I especially love the drawings of the frame by frame animations. Each still was excellently drawn. There were virtually no inconsistencies between each still. I thought they were done by a computer at first! Jennifer must have taken an incredible amount of time for each drawing, even though the characters in the drawings are pretty basic. I can’t imagine how long the hand-drawn Disney films took! You’d really have to be skilled in the craft of drawing the same thing over and over again.

I also appreciate the character designs in the middle of the picture. I’ve taken art lessons before, and I imagine these to be figure drawings (that is, drawings of nude models) with clothes drawn on, since the poses of the figures are similar to those a  model would take. I must say, she did a fantastic job of drawing clothes on their bodies, especially with these Old West kind of designs.

Overall, I greatly admire Jennifer’s art. As I’ve said before, it made me excited to see the things that go into animation. This has inspired to proceed with my own project. I hope all these artists will be where they expect to be in the near future.


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